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Naming and Brand Design
Logo and Name

version for social media

version-negative for social media on black background

full version for print and display

full version on black background for print and display

Projects Overview
project made during the 1st year of the NGO



Photo Marathon Reaload

Laboratorio Teatro Immagini

FB Post Design
Corporate Id on social media

daily post lay-out

daily post lay-out

Event Gif animated banner for Photo Marathon Reload

Video and classic post on facebook

Posters Design
sizes 70x100 and 100x140

Photo Participatory Exhibition

Laboratorio Teatro Immagini 1st edition basend in La Sanità Naples

Photos Selection
Documentary - WorkShop - Exhibitions - Conference

Cobra Project - Documentary (photo @ Claudia Nuzzo)

Freedom - Participatory Project (photo @ Claudia Nuzzo)

Cobra - Documentary (photo @ Claudia Nuzzo)

Freedom WorkShop - Participatory Project (photo @ Claudia Nuzzo)

Conference Table and Documentary Projection at Ex-Asilo Filangieri Naples

Participatory Exhibition PM-Reload

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